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Zenkaikon: Two Cons, One Dream

Zenkaikon, Philly's New Anime and Sci Fi Con

Zenkaikon (was Zentrancon) Philadelphia
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This is the community for Zentrancon, the Anime and Scifi Convention in the Philadelphia Area. Zentrancon offers the finest in rare, classic and contemporary anime, sci-fi, fantasy and horror cinema, a dealers room, artist alley, costume contests, fashion show, dance and more! We are happy to announce the first ever Zentrancon took place on October 16th, 2005. It was a great success! Stay tuned for updates regarding Zentrancon 2006!

In 2006 Zentrancon joined forces with Kosaikon to bring you
Zenkaikon! Same great events, two cons one dream. Zenkaikon 2006 will be October 28, 2006 at the Scanticon Hotel and Conference Center in King of Prussia, PA. Zenkaikon continues to this day and in 2008 has expanded to a two day event!