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Zenkaikon 2008 Deadlines: Prereg, AMV, Dating Game, Masquerade!

This is just a reminder, Zenkaikon 2008 has just TWO WEEKS LEFT until deadlines for Preregistration, AMV Contest, Cosplay Dating Game Applications and Masquerade signups! 


Zenkaikon 2008 Convention Preregistration Deadline 9/15/08!:

Preregistration Rates available by September 15, 2008 are as follows:


Friday Only: $13

Saturday Only: $15

Two Day: $23,

Two Day VIP (with exclusive teeshirt) $45,

Two Day Group Rate (10 or more): $20/person


After September 15, the At Door Rates are as follows:

Friday Only: $15

Saturday Only: $20

Two Day: $30

Two Day VIP (with exclusive teeshirt) NOT AVAILABLE

Two Day Group Rate (10 or more): $27/person



You can find out more information and register here:


Zenkaikon Cosplay Masquerade Prereg Deadline: September 13, 2008

 By preregistering, you guarantee your skit has a spot in the masquerade. We will be taking signups at the convention also but we cannot guarantee masquerade skits signed up for at the convention will all get in as it is first come first served, and we have a limited number of slots (10). Masquerade  registrants or pre registrants must also be registered  or pre registered for Zenkaikon 2008.


Go here for details!


Zenkaikon AMV Contest Submission Deadline: September 17, 2008. Don't miss your chance to make our AMV contest truly great by submitting your works~!



Zenkaikon 2008 Cosplay Dating Game Submission Deadline: September 19, 2008

Don't miss your chance to be a part of one of the most popular and hilarious gameshows at Zenkaikon! A hilarious 'dating game' between characters of different anime that may have never met otherwise! (or maybe they SHOULD NEVER have met either- HA)


Winners of the Dating Game: will receive their picture on our website, some pocky and snacks to take on their 'date' and special reserved seating at the Masquerade (no waiting in line, folks!) if they choose to attend it as a 'couple'. (Winners are not required to go on a real date, its pretend).

Go here for more details and to apply! 18+ Rounds (applicants age 18 and up) and PG 13 rated rounds (applicants age 15-17) are available!

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