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Zenkaikon 2008 Announces Karaoke Contest!

Zenkaikon 2008 is pleased to announce the rules for general karaoke and information regarding our first ever karaoke contest.
Zenkaikon 2008 Karaoke and Karaoke Contest
The Zenkaikon 2008 Karaoke contest will be happening on Saturday October 18, 2008 from 10:30AM-12:30 PM in the Main Events Room (GS1) of the Scanticon Hotel and Conference Center(the convention's 2008 venue). Sessions of open mic karaoke will be available from 4-6:30 PM on Friday October 17, 2008 and from 9-10:30 AM on Saturday October 18, 2008 in the Main Events Room (GS1). Signups for the karaoke contest will be available  during the open mic karaoke sessions on Friday  (10/17) and Saturday (10/18) in the Main Events Room. A contest prep session will be occuring during the open mic karaoke on Saturday. There will be 2 rounds of the contest; preliminary and finals. Winners of the final round of the karaoke contest will be announced during the Zenkaikon Masquerade Awards Ceremony.
More details about rules, specifications, song choices, prizes and more can be found here:
Questions or Comments may be addressed to Karaoke Coordinator DjRanma at
ranma at djranmas dot net
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